Dive In Launch Event: Awareness to Action: The Ripple Effect

25 September, 08:30 - 10:00

Willis Towers Watson, 51 Lime Street, London, United Kingdom

We all have the power to make change happen. This year Dive In launches its new festival campaign ‘Awareness to Action” – reminding us that creating awareness of Diversity and Inclusion is simply not enough to drive change in our sector.

The 2018 launch event embodies our campaign with a powerful, personal and emotive session that illustrates how it only takes one person to make a huge difference, with the realisation that even the smallest acts are one step closer to achieving change.

Pam Warren, turned a disaster into a positive when in 1999 her life as a financial advisor was torn apart when she was critically injured in the Paddington Rail Crash. Pam’s injuries were so severe that she wasn’t expected to pull through. Not only did she pull through, she became the public face of the disaster – ‘the lady in the mask’ championing the cause of rail safety.

Pam’s experience both in the city and leading a successful national campaign for rail safety gives her a unique perspective on business as well as personal challenges and how to master them.

Pam Warren

International Public Speaker