Dive In Toronto - Free Art Installation (11-25 September 2017)

11 September, 08:00 - 23:00

First Canadian Place Lobby, 100 King Street West, Toronto, Canada

This year in Toronto the committee wanted to elevate the Dive In event to be more than just a speaker session. We reached out to find artists in our community that were interested in helping us commission a piece for the festival. The thought process behind this was that displaying a piece of visual art creates a buzz before the event, illustrates and highlights the Dive In branding and provides an opportunity for local artistic talent to be showcased. The piece is open to interpretation, as the artist commissioned it to appear that way using many colors and fluidity. We took into account that by displaying this piece in the center of our city’s financial district, we would be reaching many viewers and walks of life, which lends itself to the theme of diversity and inclusion. Our vision was to be colorful, interpretive and accessible to all.

The art installation is visible from 11-25 September 2017.

The artist said:
“I am so excited to be showcasing my art installation as part of the Dive In festival this year! I strongly believe that opening ourselves up to different forms of diversity is important to living a rich and fulfilling life".

Katrina Schaman

Commissioned Artist