Dive In Zurich - The Future of Work: leveraging diversity and inclusion to ride the wave of change (German session)

26 September, 17:30 - 20:00

Zurich Insurance, Hagenholzstr. 60, Zurich, Switzerland

What does the future of work hold for the insurance industry? What should smart organisations be doing today to attract and keep customers and employees tomorrow?

Considerations include:
- By 2030 freelance workers will make up 75% of employees in the workplace, according to Forbes.
- The competition for talent continues, with employees expecting organisations to be responsive and technology at work to be fast, reliable and intuitive.
- People are retiring later. We're seeing five generations in the workplace with differing needs and demands.
- Customer digitalisation is accelerating.
- Investors continue to push for evidence that organisations are socially responsible.

Companies that successfully ride the wave of change will attract the best talent from the broadest pool, leverage diverse perspectives to drive innovation and cultivate inclusive and collaborative cultures.

Zurich Insurance, Swiss Re and XL Catlin invite you to learn from experts in this field about what organisations can be doing now to prepare for the future of work. This session is ideal for business leaders responsible for customer delivery, employee engagement, operations, transformation and HR. Arrival and registration from 17.30. The event will start promptly at 18.00.

English session available here: http://diveinfestival.com/events/dive-in-zurich-english/

Dave Heiniger

Global Head of Human Resources, CCM & International at XL Catlin

Joachim Masur

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Zurich, Switzerland

Ralph Echensperger

Chief Claims Officer at Zurich, Switzerland

Christian Nebauer

Head Finance Transformation Program at Swiss Re

Barbara Josef

Co-founder of 5to9 AG