Dive In London - Managing the Parenting Transition. Pre, During & Post Leave: Putting Family Friendly Policies into Practice

27 September, 15:00 - 16:00

Liberty, 20 Fenchurch Street, EC3M 3AW, London, United Kingdom

Experience bears out the fact that simply putting policies and benefits in place doesn’t resolve all the challenges around supporting employees through the parent transition, ensuring they feel valued and engaged and – vitally – that their careers stay on track.

So, how do you actually engage all relevant parties, get beyond unconscious bias and make sure proactive, transparent communication takes place?

We’ll be having an open, honest and interactive conversation with Q&A to hear more from individuals working in demanding environments as to what they need and what they have found helpful as new parents or managers or both.

This session looks at:
- Exploring the challenges individuals and managers face through the parent transition and how organisations can get to grips with these
- Finding ways to support confidence (both for the individual and manager) via the right conversations and guidance
- Identifying some low-cost and no-cost solutions organisations can put in place to support the parent transition and increase both return and retention rates
- Exploring the impact and options in terms of more formal solutions including online and offline coaching.

Hosted by My Family Care – with Jennifer Liston-Smith and Oliver Black

Jennifer Liston-Smith

Director, Head of Coaching & Consultancy at My Family Care

Oliver Black

Commercial Director at My Family Care