Part of the Team – Creating an Open, Empowering and Inclusive Workplace

25 September, 13:00 - 14:30

Miller, 70 Mark Lane, London, United Kingdom

What are you trying to achieve?
Who are you aiming to reach?
Why this event? Why these speakers?
What learnings would you like attendees to take away after attending this session?

For most organisations, the cost of talent is between 40%-80% of the total operating costs and leaders want to ensure that they optimise individual’s contributions. Teams and organisations that prioritise inclusion attract better talent and perform better. Many leaders know this but still struggle to make the day-to-day environment more inclusive.

Inclusive management helps to develop a healthy workplace culture, which in turn supports an engaged, hardworking and productive staff. Taking an inclusive management approach places a focus and emphasis on creating a culture where every individual feels they are able to make a valued contribution, feel a sense of belonging, and deliver their very best work as a result.

Join us at our interactive event to find out how to make sure that every person counts. We will hear from first hand experiences of inclusive management, strategies to employ in your workplace and share insights from industry best practice practitioners.