Alvin Hall

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Broadcaster, Author, Financial Expert

Alvin Hall lives in New York City where he is a respected trainer who designs and conducts classes about the financial markets for financial services institutions and their vendors in the US and abroad.

In the UK he is a pioneer of financial makeovers on British television. For five consecutive years he hosted the highly rated and award-winning BBC 2 series, 'Your Money or Your Life'. Other television series include Alvin Hall’s 'Guide to Successful Investing', 'Investing for All with Alvin Hall', 'Save Me Alvin!' (ITV1) and 'Alvin’s Guide to Good Business' (BBC World News).

Hall has also hosted programmes for BBC Radio 4 on finance, business and art and has published several bestselling books on personal finance in the UK and on investing in the US, including 'Your Money or Your Life' (which won the WHS Business Book Award), 'What Not to Spend', 'Getting Started in Stocks', 'Getting Started in Mutual Funds' and most recently 'The Stock Market Explained'.