Louise Tagliante

Louise Tagliante

Founder and owner of “Differentiate”

Louise Tagliante is the founder and owner of Differentiate and its renowned mentoring programme, Protégé.

Her entrepreneurial approach to business is founded on more than 30 years corporate experience in the financial services sector, having worked both globally and regionally in senior leadership roles at organisations such as IBM Australia, Visa International and ABN Amro Asia Pacific, prior to founding Differentiate in 2006. She created Protégé in 2013 to support young business women to find their own voice and ensure they have a 'seat at the table'.

In addition to being a leadership coach with organisations such as INSEAD and Harvard Business School, she was the first coach to become an accredited Coaching Supervisor in the Asia Pacific region.

She currently serves as 1st Vice President on the AWARE Board, and was on the Executive Committee of the Financial Women's Association Singapore (FWA) from 2011-16 where she created its Advancing Women in Finance mentoring programme, winner of the AWARE New Initiative Award 2013. In 2009 she was awarded The International Alliance of Women (TIAW) World of Difference Award for community work supporting its Microcredit Village Bank programme.