Suzianna M Sofiee

Suzianna M Sofiee

Founder of Fresh et Natural and Innovation Enterprise Training & Consultancy, Entrepreneur, Trainer, Wife & Soon-to-be-Mother

Suzi did her Bachelor of International Business at Griffith University, Australia after travelling the world as a cabin crew for Singapore Airlines. Experience taught her to give her best and was awarded Top 5% in the cohort, top Distinction in International Marketing. She is also chosen to be part of Golden Key Honour’s Society and Ground-Up Trooper Fellowship.

She did teaching for 2 years with Ministry of Education before pursuing her passion to be an entrepreneur/trainer. With over 10 years of experience in Customer Service, Retail & Management, Suzi puts the knowledge gained to the test in her businesses.

Suzi is currently in Practicum for her International Diploma in Holistic Health accredited in UK, US and Australia. Her area of research includes Holistic Skincare, Aromatherapy, Holistic Nutrition, Life Coaching and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

She was first introduced to alternative and organic healing in 2006 while living in Australia for 4 years. Combining her knowledge of business and passion for natural living, Suzi finally registered her company Fresh et Natural in 2013.

Fresh et Natural (FEN)
Fresh et Natural uses Certified Organic Ingredients sourced worldwide. Started with a mad scientist home lab corner, FEN now works closely with a lab in Australia for improved formulation using latest technology.

FEN retails its products online, conducts workshops and formulates body care & fragrance range for spas as well as for private labels.

Fresh et Natural's success in providing quality products and steady growth has caught the attention of a Venture Capitalist. The new company is in the process of finalising its agreement to receive fundings and resources totalling an estimate of at least $200,000.

The company will launch its first line of products by end of 2016.

Perfume DIY Kits for ages 8 and above will be made available on monthly subscription or ad hoc purchase.

Innovation Enterprise Training & Consultancy (IETC)
Innovation Enterprise Training & Consultancy (IETC) started as a pilot program in 2014 for a school. The school had trouble with the current training they had been receiving over 4 years from various vendors. IETC worked closely with its client to reach the objectives of the program.

Having created its own training modules and resources, IETC is able to exceed its clients' training expectation. IETC now does training for schools, organisations and companies.

To cater to corporate clients' needs for team bonding retreat and training, IETC partners with 2 Resorts in Johor.

Other programs include Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Leadership Styles, Selling to your Clients DISC profile, Customer Service Excellence Consultancy.