[Chubb]保険業界における女性活躍 / Women in the Insurance Industry

26 September, 08:30 - 11:00

上智大学 6号館(ソフィアタワー)301教室 / Bld.6 Rm301 Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan



In order to empower “Women in Insurance Industry”, redefine their current environment and challenges from a perspective of Diversity and Inclusion through the keynote speech and panel discussion. Also discuss the importance of Diversity and Inclusion based on research and data by Catalyst Japan and provide an opportunity to think how companies support them, how they can engage in their advancement and development and how they can proactively contribute to the business as well as what kind of initiatives the whole insurance industry can take.

*Networking breakfast will be provided (8:30-9:00)

This session is in Japanese only.

林 礼子氏 / Reiko Hayashi

メリルメリルリンチ日本証券株式会社 副会長 兼 資本市場部門会長 / Vice Chairman, Managing Director and Chairman of Japan Global Capital Markets at Merrill Lynch Japan Securities Co., Ltd.

塚原月子氏 / Tsukiko Tsukahara

カタリスト・アドバイザー / Advisor to Catalyst, President of Kaleidist K.K.