Developing Cross-culture Skills

25 September, 14:00 - 16:00

Beijing Office, Beijing, China

With globalization, especially the increase of global mobility in talents, it is unavoidable that different cultures will meet, conflict, and blend together. People from different culture find it is difficult to communicate not only due to language barriers, but also are affected by culture styles. Effective communication with people of different cultures is especially challenging. Cultures provide people with ways of thinking—ways of seeing, hearing, and interpreting the world. Thus the same words can mean different things to people from different cultures, even when they speak the "same" language. People from individualistic cultures might clash with peers from collective cultures and how they can work towards the common grounds will be a challenge as well.
Cross-cultural communication looks at how people from differing cultural backgrounds communicate, in similar and different ways among themselves, and how they endeavour to communicate across cultures. This intercultural training will provide Lloyd with guidelines to follow at Lloyd’s workplace, and some insights on how to communicate with global clients, headquarter functions and foreign co-workers.