Dive In Festival Germany, Frankfurt

25 September, 14:00 - 17:30

Industrie- und Handelskammer, Ludwig-Erhard-Saal, Börsenplatz 4, 60313, Frankfurt, Germany

Diversity, plurality or even "being different from other people" are encountered everywhere in our society. Hence, this also applies to the insurance industry.
Basically, it is about many people with different needs, inclinations, preferences, beliefs, a different regional or cultural origin or history or simply different ages living and working together. In the sense of an open, democratic and humanist society, this is to be accepted, and even more to be promoted; at least that is the consensus within our civil society.
At the same time, it is becoming increasingly clear that diversity is also a direct value in our professional environment, as a variety of experiences, knowledge, talents and skills have a direct impact on the performance of society and thus also a direct share in economic success.
In 2015, the CEO of Lloyd's, Dame Inga Beale, has set herself the task of promoting this diversity by supporting 18 different events in London with 1,800 visitors.
Last year, this lead to 95 events in 17 countries around the globe with almost 7,900 visitors.
This year the Dive-In Festival has reached Germany; on September 25th, a symposium will take place in Frankfurt in the Chamber of Industry and Commerce on the topic:
"Frankfurt as a multicultural society" against the background that meanwhile over 40% of Frankfurt’s residents have a migrant background. This high proportion, with comparatively low social tensions compared to the rest of Germany, suggests that Frankfurt has understood earlier than other cities to integrate people with a different cultural background, in other words to "manage" or actively shape, multicultural life.
During the event, the Head of the Office for Multicultural Affairs of the City of Frankfurt, Dr. von Ungern-Sternberg, will speak on the topic: "A multicultural society, what did we want to achieve then, what is the institution doing today". In addition, Peter Fischer, President of Eintracht Frankfurt, will address the topic "The integrative power of sport".
A representative of the insurance industry will speak on "Where would our industry be today without an international or multicultural staff?”

Dr. Armin von Ungern-Sternberg

Head of the Office for Multicultural Affairs of the City of Frankfurt

Peter Fischer

President of Eintracht Frankfurt e.V.

Sylvain Newton

Allianz-Group HR Head People CoE