Diversity & Inclusion: Unconscious Bias in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

4 October, 08:30 - 10:30

Chubb Insurance at 199 Bay Street, Suite 2300, Toronto, Canada

Unconscious bias is prevalent across all organizations globally. It can shape our routines, grit and determination and at other times it limits how we see things, people and opportunities. It is the compass for our business behaviors but can create barriers to inclusion, performance, engagement, and ultimately innovation.

Join us to participate in a lively conversation and learn from leading Canadian experts how to re-frame unconscious bias and leverage AI to create and sustain a more inclusive and diverse workforce, and how to navigate these invisible barriers to foster innovation and equip your people to put the human element into the future of work.

Panel of Experts include:
Vandana Juneja, Senior Director, Corporate Engagement (Canada & Asia Pacific)

Jahanzaib Ansari, Co-Founder and CEO

Paul Dodd, Head of Canadian Engagement

Benoit Hardy-Vallée, Ph.D, Associate Partner, Canada Lead for HR Reinvention Talent & Engagement

Paul Dodd

Head of Canadian Engagement

Benoit Hardy-Vallée

Associate Partner, Canadian Lead – HR Reinvention, Talent & Engagement, IBM Services

Vandana Juneja

Senior Director, Corporate Engagement—Canada & Asia Pacific

Jahanzaib Ansari

CEO and Co-founder, Knockri