Embracing diversity for improved business results

25 September, 08:30 - 10:10

Royal bank of Scotland, 1 Hardman Boulevard, Manchester, M3 3AQ, Manchester, United Kingdom

Leaders who embrace diversity see a positive impact on the overall performance of their organisations.

In this session, we will explore what these leaders are doing and how your organisation can experience the same benefits. Join company directors, peers and D&I specialists as we embark on a discussion that evidences the direct link between a diverse and inclusive workforce and a business that outperforms its competitors.

During the session, we will explore research that highlights the business case for diversity, as well as insights on how a more inclusive culture can lead to greater innovation, creativity and growth.

You will have the opportunity to participate in a roundtable discussion on improving strategic decision making, becoming an employer of choice and increasing innovative thought within your organisation.

This event will be chaired by Katherine Bryant, Director of The Progress Partnership, with panellists from EY. Accompanied by The Clear Company and Qlearsite, we will demonstrate how you can track and measure diversity within your workforce, while ENEI shares expertise on how improved diversity can equate to greater business returns.

You will leave the door armed with a powerful insight into diversity, alongside practical techniques and strategies for driving inclusivity and performance within your organisation.

Katherine Bryant

Executive Coach Progress Partnership

Caitlin Hartley

Assistant Director, Diversity and Inclusiveness, EY

Evie Samuel

Senior Consultant Qlearsite