Hot Spots of Inclusion

26 September, 08:00 - 14:00

Bowman Gilfillan Auditorium, 11 Alice Ln, Sandhurst, Sandton, 2196, South Africa, Johannesburg, South Africa

As a Global initiative it is our goal to ensure that Diversity and Inclusions extends further than just race or gender and covers the entire human experience including skills, education and culture. Creating, adopting and sustaining a diverse workforce will improve business performance and enable us to more accurately address the needs of our society. Supporting and building a diverse and inclusive insurance environment in South Africa is essential for the continued growth of the industry. In addition to this it is imperative we focus on diverse talent development to build a consistent skilled pipeline of future diverse leaders while creating awareness and getting people to focus on a measurable solution is essential.

Naturally the event will attract people that value how important Diversity and Inclusion is but more so it is for us to encourage those that don’t and where it is not high up on their Company agendas to attend too.

Through an event such as Dive In we believe organizations have to be committed to equality and inclusion and this can only be achieved by building a diverse workforce that fosters creativity and attracts engaged employees.

All speakers and panellists have been carefully selected around the agenda topics. They have great depth, knowledge and experience around Diversity and Inclusion which will question and challenge our own beliefs and commitment to D&I.

Our hope is that Industry leaders commit to building, endorsing and driving this shift from the top. Beyond recruiting and developing diverse talent we need to support diverse suppliers, ensure we have created a work environment that is inclusive and look for ways we can provide products that meet the needs of a diverse market. That we walk away as Industry professionals with a sense of responsibility to drive a diverse and inclusive work place upwards and downwards for the benefit of everyone.