How to balance career development and parenthood

26 September, 15:30 - 17:00

Auditorium Tour Allianz One Esplanade Sud Quartier Michelet 1 cours Michelet 92800 Puteaux, Paris, France

In an increasingly mobile and flexible workplace, working parents are all trying to crack the code on finding a work-life balance. Debate around this topic is passionate. While some working couples are opting out of parenting altogether, many young professionals are unwilling to sacrifice family for a rewarding career. So, how to find this elusive balance? Join Estelle Dufetel, founder of BBOOSSTER and author of « métro, boulot, petits pots, comment conjuguer vie pro, vie perso », who will provide some top tips on finding the formula that works for you.

Estelle Dufetel


Corinne Cipière

CEO France Head of Market Management for Mediterranean Region