Legislation & Behaviours Around Diversity & Inclusion

25 September, 17:00 - 20:00

AIG Bermuda Campus, Hamilton, Bermuda

Brian Duperreault & AIG Bermuda invites you to join industry leaders to hear a dynamic and frank panel discussion how we can effectively legislate and/or control behaviours around Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. What social economic impacts could such legislation have on Bermuda? Can such legislative development truly swing the pendulum regarding our individual and collective behaviour around issues like pay disparity and career advancement as it relates to minority races and gender. What financial benefits can be gained by companies that effectively institute such legislative developments.
Panelists will focus on the following areas:
• What does progressive antidiscrimination legislation look like in other jurisdictions?
• How can we best measure whether or not implementation of such legislation is effective within our companies?
• Comparison of advanced legislative frameworks in other jurisdictions around anti-discriminatory behaviours.
• Is it truly possible to legislate company culture around diversity & inclusion?
• Are there any obstacles/challenges that are unique to Bermuda in implementing diversity & inclusion legislation?
• How can anti-discrimination legislation be improved or refined in Bermuda?
• How can companies work better at implementing legislative policies which reflect progressive legislative changes in this area?
• How can companies proactively drive the legislative change they want to see?
• Given the often high costs associated with conducting business in Bermuda, how can companies effectively manage costs around implementation of legislated diversity & inclusion initiatives?

Alex Potts, QC

Partner, at Kennedys, Bermuda - Panelist

Chen Foley

Vice President - Claims Manager and Coverage Counsel, Ironshore Excess Agency Ltd. - Panelist

Jevon Williams

Assistant General Counsel - Moderator

Kirsten Beasley

Head of Healthcare Broking, North America, WillisTowersWatson

Brian Duperreault

President and Chief Executive Officer, AIG - Closing Speaker

David Friston

Financial Lines Manager, AIG Bermuda - Opening Speaker

Tawana Tannock

Corporate Legal Counsel, Skuld and Chairperson, the Bermuda Human Rights Commission - Panelist

Christian Luthi

Director and Chairman, Conyers Dill and Pearman - Panelist