Let’s Say Good Bye to Bias- Exit, Stage Left

27 September, 11:30 - 13:30

CNA Chicago, Chicago, United States

Making the insurance industry more reflective of the diverse clients we serve requires change, and change is hard work. To make change happen, we need to raise our awareness around the power of our diversity and have the courageous conversations that evaporate some of the more challenging issues facing us today. We have the opportunity to explore our biases and eliminate the assumptions (some we may not even realize we have) that hold us back from living and working together collectively. Our differences don’t have to create the barriers that cause many of the challenges we face today. Our differences can instead be the strengths that pull us together to solve many of the challenges we face today. We just need to find the courage and the words to have the conversations that get us there.

Steppenwolf Theatre’s artistic force has a vitality that is defined by its sharp appetite for groundbreaking, innovative work. They will be performing vignettes where actors have difficult conversations about diversity (i.e. racism) “so we can too.” After the performance, we will engage as an audience to apply this courage to our own life and workplace situations where we could be raising our awareness, having the tough conversations and taking the actions that will change the face of inclusion in our industry. It’s time to do more, the time to act is now. Let’s Say Good Bye to Bias- Exit, Stage Left.