Now You See Me

25 September, 12:30 - 14:00

Suite 1, Birmingham Repertory Theatre, 6 Centenary Square, Birmingham, B1 2EP, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Please join us for a session to experience and discuss the impact of disability, particularly sight loss. Guests will be invited to wear an eye mask in a darkened room, and you will then navigate the challenge of networking with fellow guests, enjoying canapes and drinks, and listening to speeches from Johnny Timpson, Tracey Clarke and Gavin Douce, all without the ability of sight.

As the DWP's Insurance Sector Champion for Disabled People, Johnny is ideally placed to speak both about the ways in which our industry could improve our products and services for disabled people, as well as how we can improve our workplaces for our disabled colleagues.

Tracey retains just 2% of her eyesight, but will speak to us about how she has adapted to cope with life on her narrowboat and, with the support of the 7 Families project, how she hopes to work again.

Gavin works for Zurich Insurance, and will share how he navigates the working in a claims department with very limited sight.

Johnny Timpson

DWP Disability Champion for the Insurance Industry

Tracey Clarke

Participant in the Seven Families project

Gavin Douce

Personal Injury Claims Handler, Zurich Insurance