O Rabisco do Passinho - A production of knowledge and new territories

26 September, 00:00 - 00:00

FL Corporate building 4300 - São Paulo, Brasil, São Paulo, Brazil

Passinho is an urban dance linked to the funk universe of the communities of Rio de Janeiro. It is a living dance that evolves every day. "It is 100% Brazilian, 100% Carioca and 100% of the community." The origin of the passage is in the games of boys and girls who reproduced in a satirical way the gestures of the drug dealers of the favela of Jacaré, North zone of Rio.

Marcelly Idd

Dancer and Women Representative of the Passinho Movement

Jackson Carvalho

Passinho Relic

Rodrigo Vieira

Artist, Dancer and Specialist in Communication of the Arts of the Body

Pablinho Idd

Dancer of the Passinho Classic