Real Talk

25 September, 16:00 - 17:30

The Union League of Philadelphia, Philadelphia, United States

Diversity & Inclusion has been a topic of discussion for several decades but often times has been discussed without connection to the most pressing, relevant business issues and day-to-day workplace concerns. In addition, political correctness, although introduced with a positive intent to diminish offensive communication, has created the fear of "saying the wrong thing". As a result, employees are often reluctant to engage in difficult or uncomfortable conversations about issues of difference, may avoid people who are different or may only engage in the conversation in an overly polite or superficial way. The REAL TALK Series is designed to fill this void by providing a safe forum where employees can engage in candid, authentic, real conversations on difficult and business-relevant topics that involve Diversity & Inclusion.

REAL TALK is facilitated by experienced facilitators who are skilled in maintaining a framework for constructive dialogue which leads to desired outcomes while also allowing for the conversation to ”go in directions” relevant to participants. A special thanks to Munich Re for their support so that Kasia Ganko-Rodriguez from The Kaleidoscope Group could join us.

After the workshop, participants are invited to continue the conversation over refreshments at a post-event networking reception.

Kasia Ganko-Rodriguez

Senior Consultant