The Performance of Inclusion

27 September, 14:00 - 16:00

O'Hara House, One Bermudiana Road, Hamilton, Bermuda

In this interactive & engaging session, craft your creative communication skills to enhance inclusion, diversity, risk taking & new possibilities!

Being inclusive and creating with our differences and diversity requires stepping “outside of our boxes”, and engaging with other people. People different than ourselves. But how do you that? What does it take to see, think and act in new ways with people who are different than us? How can we get better at learning, working, playing and living together?

In this creative and interactive session, participants will borrow from the toolbox of the actor and the improviser - and perform new kinds of conversations of listening and talking together. Inclusion is not simply “a state of mind”, or something to become aware of. It requires new performances of communication and conversation. Performances that invite others in, that show you are listening, that help people take risks to grow, and create environments where everyone can participate and contribute.

And so, we won’t just talk inclusion, we’re actually going to #divein, and perform inclusion! You’ll walk away from this session with new tools and takeaways for your life and workplace, and you’ll have a challenging, nourishing, engaging (and even fun) experience while you learn.

Cathy Salit

CEO and Co-founder of Performance of a Lifetime - Key Note Speaker

Samantha Froud

Chief Administrative Officer, Chubb Bermuda