The Power of Language and its Impact on your Business

2 November, 08:45 - 10:00

Lloyd’s, Old Library, 1 Lime Street, London, United Kingdom

The language we use has the power to inspire and motivate; to build trusting relationships and inclusive high performing teams that generate outstanding business results.

Our language can also have the opposite effect – destroying morale, excluding people and creating a toxic culture that stifles performance.

As our language is often unconscious it’s easy to miss the powerful impact it is having on both how you are perceived and how you make others feel.

Do you know what your language says about you?

This lively and interactive session will provide a unique insight into your words and the impact they are having, we’ll discuss how you can spot dangerous language triggers and make simple changes that can have a positive impact on both your career and your team culture.

Participants will leave with:
• A raised awareness of the power of their language – how it can be used to either include and motivate or exclude and isolate team members
• Having discussed he impact, both positive and negative that our language has on both how we are perceived as professionals and on team performance and culture
• Insight into a broad range of experiences and examples from interactive debate
• Practical action steps – having co-created strategies to take back to the workplace in order to lead by example and foster a more inclusive culture

Katherine Bryant

Executive Coach