Three Martini Lunch and the Post-Mad Men Era: The Insurance Industry Then and Now

25 September, 16:00 - 17:30

J. Erik Jonsson Central Library, O’Hara Hall, 7th Floor, Dallas, United States

The insurance industry, like many others, has transformed over the last few decades from semblances of a Mad Men era and the stereotypical three martini lunch, when decidedly little diversity was to be found throughout the workforce, to largely more progressive corporate cultures employing and espousing a vibrant melting pot of identity, background, and experience, more closely reflecting the world around us. At the same time, younger generations entering the workforce increasingly identify many structures and systems– from D&I to technology – as native, inherent in their way of life, which as a result often creates a disconnect between the social applications of D&I for students and young professionals and how these topics, conversations, and efforts pan out in the workplace. This difference of experience also presents tremendous opportunity for understanding, action, and growth.

This event seeks to provide constructive scenarios, discussion, and solutions to bridge the gap between intent and impact of D&I efforts through two engaging segments: students and young professionals converging over roundtable mini case studies, followed by an executive panel that will speak to the industry’s progression on the D&I front and open to dynamic Q&A with the student and young professional audience for discussion and reverse mentoring.

- Bill Henry, CEO and Chairman, MHBT
- Millie Workman, Director of Training and Education, IRMI
- Reggie Texada, Manager, Risk Administration & Claims Management, Univision Communications Inc.
- Enya He, South Central Regional Director - US, Lloyd's of London
- Sabrina Hanitz, President, Global Risk, Honan Insurance Group

After the event, participants are invited to continue the conversation over refreshments at a networking reception. The 'Inclusion Reception' must be registered for on the Dive In website.