Unconscious Bias Awareness Session

27 September, 08:00 - 11:00

Capital Club, Gate Village 3, Urban Gardens, Level 4, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The key objective of the unconscious bias training is for attendees to analyse their personal beliefs and perceptions, develop conscious awareness of personal biases and use this when making decisions. By developing and supporting inclusive practice in self and others through looking beyond unconscious bias, they will transform their organisation as a result.

Our aim is to reach a diverse range of professionals including Heads of companies and key decision makers.

The Unconscious Bias Awareness Session will be run by the People Development Team (PDT) who are a globally renowned Inclusion and Talent training organisation that enables business leaders to create inclusive cultures that foster belonging in the workplace. In addition PDT have established an award winning approach to unconscious bias awareness training.

Sonia Assomull