The Mental Health Stigma: Ignorance or Unconscious bias?

25 September, 14:30 - 18:30

Grid AKL, Auckland, New Zealand

The mental health stigma clouds our judgement and hinders discussion, management and even treatment of conditions, leaving the subject taboo. Yet mental wellbeing plays a critical role in everyone’s ability to participate in society. Have we arrived at this stigmatization through ignorance, or unconscious bias?

Join us as local and international experts unpack this complex subject in an interactive panel discussion, followed by round-table workshops examining important questions and stories, whilst developing actionable take-aways for the workplace.

Some of the questions we’ll be asking: Do employers have a responsibility to employees when it comes to maintaining their mental health? Are corporates doing enough when it comes to mental wellbeing? How do we identify the causes of mental health issues and what role does the employer play in this process?

Mike King

Founder and Ambassador, Key to Life

Dr. Jennifer Whelan

Founder and Managing Director, Psynapse

John Lyon

CEO, ANDO Insurance