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Don’t be afraid to talk about depression


Cricketer, author and speaker Marcus Trescothick discusses how talking about depression is beneficial and the options available for those that need to talk to someone.

Speak up for mental health


Jonny Benjamin MBE & Neil Laybourn discuss their stories with mental health and how mental health must destigmatised and something that can be discussed openly.

Find your own coping strategy


Cricketer, author and speaker Marcus Trescothick discusses living with depression and the different strategies that people use to cope.

“Interview with”


Consultant and author Alistair Campbell talks about the importance of creating a culture of openness in the workplace when mental health is concerned and how suffering from a mental health illness is not a rarity.

Depression in the workplace


Cricketer, author and speaker Marcus Trescothick discusses depression in the workplace and how awareness and communication can create a healthy environment for team members.

How to build awareness of mental health issues


Paul Martin from Aon shares his story with mental health and how the support he received at work allowed him to create a network in the workplace that spoke openly about mental health and provided a safe space for employees.

Overcoming limitations


Paralympian Sophie Christiansen shares her experience of job rejections, compromises, and accommodating disability.

Look beyond disability


Ruth Owens from Whiz Kids urges employers to look past disability and recognise disabled people for their talent.

The power of seven


Martine Wright shares her seven tips for making the most of life regardless of disability.

Appreciate what you have


Former soldier and marathon runner Chris Moon, talks about focusing on the opportunities and asking for help.