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The power of stories


Paul Martin shares his story with mental health and how this started a chain reaction in the workplace of talking about mental health and establishing support networks.

Supporting someone with mental health


Cricketer, author and speaker Marcus Trescothick discusses supporting sufferers of depression by being present and attentive, he also explains the relentless nature of depression and how this must be taken into account when developing support systems.

The power of language


Katherine Bryant stresses the importance, as speakers and recievers, of examining the language we are using and make sure it is fit for purpose.

Have the courage to share your story


Gian Power on how his journey led him to found the TLC Lions, a pride of inspiring individuals that have battled real struggles and have pulled themselves up with actionable coping mechanisms and strategies to achieve personal and professional success.

The ripple effect


Pam Warren shares her story and the importance of taking action to create a ripple effect and make an impact.

The importance of storytelling in mental health


Paul Farmer from Mind discusses tackling the stigma around mental health through storytelling and how this solution can be developed within the workplace. Paul also emphasises how important it is for HR teams to be prepared to have these conversations and issues.