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Webinar: Better Work + Family Conversations

Webinar- Better Work + Family Conversations vid

Talented and committed employees can end up feeling ‘alienated’ when family commitments are not handled well at work. Managers may worry about asking too much or communicating too little with new parents. Individuals who look for more flexibility around family may feel side lined from key projects; or that their career is stagnating. How can we talk about all this in better ways?

What do managers need to think about when team members are balancing work with family commitments? As an individual, how can you talk about your needs in a way that is solution-focused, proactive and positive?

The webinar takes a look at best practice for individuals and managers and the significance of the manager-employee relationship in making the integration of work and family a success. We will explore some of the common challenges and sticking points in conversations about combining career with parenting and identify strategies that work for both the employer and the working parent.

To listen to the webinar recording, click here.

The webinar was run during the Dive In Festival by My Family Care who work with employers to support their working parent and carer strategies providing practical backup care and care search services as well extensive coaching and manager development solutions.