Did you know?

53% of Lloyd’s of London market firms now have a formal D&I policy in place compared to 35% in 2016
The % of organisations reporting a ‘hardly engaged’ executive leadership has fallen by over half since 2016
37.5% of Lloyd’s of London have D&I councils or steering committees, up from 20% in 2016
Deloitte found that 75% of senior executives would leave for more inclusive firms
As yet 34/9000 firms have released their gender pay gap data ahead of the 2018 deadline
There are more CEOs called John in the FTSE 100 than there are female CEOs
71% of Lloyd’s of London market firms have training or development in place that includes D&I
The number of UK women earning over £1m a year has doubled over the past 5 years but they are still outnumbered by men by 10 to 1

Welcome to Dive In – the festival for diversity and inclusion in insurance

Dive In is helping insurance get fit for the future, highlighting the business case for diverse and inclusive workplaces and providing practical ideas and inspiration for how to bring about positive change.

The theme of the Dive In Festival 2017 is the Diversity Dividend, highlighting the business case for different perspectives and inclusive working cultures.

It was off to a creative start with an art installation in Toronto from 11 September before kicking off, quite literally with The Dive In Community Football Cup in the UK on 24 September. 80+ events later, it will close on 12 October in Hong Kong with an event called Diversity: Why Bother?

In total, more than 7,000 people have registered for events in 17 countries and 32 cities. We believe this makes Dive In unique, as an international, sector-wide, concurrent D&I event.

From navigating today’s global, multi-generational workplace to making the most of a work/life blend, the importance of inclusive leadership and inspiring stories from our sporting heroes, the programme included something for everyone.

Dive In is an initiative of Inclusion@Lloyd’s, a collaboration between the Corporation of Lloyd’s, IUA, LIIBA, and the Lloyd’s Market Association, whose aim is to pool resources, widen perspectives and share best practice in diversity and inclusion to effect change faster.

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